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Our production. Farm 250 m2

Our production. Farm 250 m2


The Plant Factory not only implements projects of modern agricultural production, but also develops its own production of premium green crops. In 2020, our company created a pilot complex of vertical farms. This project was initiated to test high pressure aeroponics as the basis for a plant nutrition system in multi-tiered production of indoor light cultures. The effective growing area at the facility was about 100m2. Based on the results of a series of tests, the proposed solution demonstrated outstanding results, and the Plant Factory began to develop a project for its own aeroponic production.

The design of the facility and the search for the location were completed by September 2020. The estimated farm capacity is up to 2 tons of products per month with an effective growing area of more than 250m2. It was decided to use a 4-tiered vertical farm with aeroponic plant nutrition as a basic technology.

Land preparation and engineering communications were completed in November 2020. At the end of February 2021, the construction of the production hall was fully completed. To date, work is underway on the placement, installation and commissioning of equipment and internal communications. It is assumed that the first phase of the project (growing area of about 130m2) will be put into operation in the spring of 2021. The project is planned to be fully completed by the end of 2021.