Green Factory Technologies

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The main goal of the Plant Factory is to develop agricultural enterprises by creating innovative and productive greenhouse complexes that meet the latest environmental safety standards.

For several years our team has been developing the area of controlled environment agriculture in the Russian Federation. We strive to ensure the availability of quality green products in all regions, including those with harsh climatic conditions. We are challenging traditional growing seasons by providing the opportunity to produce complete harvests year-round. PFT solutions not only ensure traceability throughout the entire production cycle, from seed preparation to finished product control, but also enable a multiple reduction in water consumption and a significant increase in yields from a square meter per year.

Our mission is to provide consumers with safe, and most importantly tasty, agricultural products of the highest quality. Recently, together with our partners PFT launched our own vertical farm technology research laboratory, where we not only test our new technical solutions, but also carry out a detailed analysis of the herbs at all stages of cultivation - all in order to ensure the maximum quality of the resulting products. There is demand for our greens not only in Russia, but also abroad, and we are rapidly scaling up to transform agriculture around the world.

Our Team

Усик Денис Александрович

Denis Alexandrovich Usik

Chief Executive Officer

Малышев Денис Александрович

Denis Alexandrovich Malyshev

Director of Business Development

Савельев Антон Игоревич

Anton Igorevich Savelyev

Senior Scientific Advisor

PhD (St. Petersburg SPC RAS)

Яковлев Роман Никитич

Roman Nikitich Yakovlev

Chief Financial Officer

Егоров Илья Викторович

Ilya Viktorovich Egorov

Head of Construction and Installation Department